Fındıklı Desıgn

Handmade cultural tradition.

Our story.

We at Findikli Design visited Turkey in Summer 2013 and fell in love with its History, Art, Land, and People. While staying in Istanbul, our host provided us with Turkish Peshtemal for our bath towels. They were luxuriously soft from years of use, beautifully colored, and dried fast enough for us to use them twice a day (It was WAY hot). We fell in love with them and instantly knew we wanted to bring this Turkish secret to the rest of the world.

After six months of interviewing many artisans, we found the perfect match with a family in Istanbul. Together we've curated a line of our favorite Pesthemal. Whichever towel you choose, we're confident you'll understand why we are so excited to tell the world about them.

Findikli Design is the sister company of Ukiyo Home // Handcrafted Home Design Goods From Japan.

Why Peshtemal?

  1. They get softer with each wash, unlike most cotton towels.

  2. Highly absorbent & fast drying.

  3. Take up less space in the linen closet (and on the road... they travel well).

  4. Use less water, detergent, energy in washing.

  5. They pick up much less sand than traditional terry cloth towels on the beach. 

  6. Perfect for the gym, park, and travel.

  7. Use them as your main towels, guest towels, and for interior decorating.

  8. Did we mention that they are beautiful?

Handcrafted in Turkey.

We work exclusively with one family-owned artisan producer in Turkey. Peshtemal were historically woven on hand looms in Anatolia, and today they are still produced by hand but with the help of electric looms (It's a good thing, too! The cost per towel would need to be at least $100/peshtemal based on the length of time needed to produce each one truly by hand loom).

Care instructions.

Machine wash cold & tumble dry low. It'll get softer & more absorbent with each wash... so don't worry about it getting stiff over time. Trust us, this isn't a typical towel. For more care instructions, check out the "Uses and Care" page.